Pudding BeanQ
Bilingual Smart Robot

Good helper for English studying
Good friend for happy growing


  • reddot award 2017
    Best of the Best

  • IDG 「Global Children Intelligent
    Robot Gold Award of the Year」


  • G-MARK

  • CES ASIA 2017
    Best Robot Product

Combine AI with immersive learning environment in professional, scientific and interesting ways

to motivate the learning interest of children in the age of 3-10. Experience the enjoyment of

acquiring knowledge and exploring the world in a relaxed and free atmosphere.

  • Situational English
  • Bilingual Intelligent
  • English Oral
  • English Translation
  • Rich Educational
  • Encyclopedic
    Knowledge Q&A
  • Remote Video
  • Dynamic Recording
    of Baby

Little body, great wisdom.
Use AI to accompany your child's growth.

37 skills in the cloud continue to be updated.

  • Bilingual Courses
  • English Picture Books
  • Stepwise English
  • Oral Practice
  • Oral Evaluation
  • Read Poetries
  • Guess
  • Listen
  • Tell
  • Tell
  • Interactive Stories
  • Safe Education
  • Habit Formation
  • Character Cultivation
  • Watch Animations
  • Weather Query
  • Alarm
  • Calendar Query
  • Schedule Reminder
  • Drama comic dialogue
  • Instant Translation
  • Long-distance Video
  • Moments
  • Sinology Histories
  • Sing
  • Mathematics Games
  • Calculator
  • Drummer Games
  • Idiom Solitaire
  • Q & A
  • Camera
  • Albums
  • Art Enlightenment
  • Play the role of Pudding
  • Remote Lock
  • Parenting resources
  • Primary School Curriculum

AI immersive scenario teaching, the children obtain English capacity in one stop.

Pudding robot specialist education team, cooperates with Tsinghua University DMR Research Institution and many Children education brands,
developed situational English teaching courses.
Combine AI interaction technology with immersive English scenes like daily bilingual dialogues and games to make children in the age of 3-10
to experience the enjoyment of mastering a new language.

  • puddingbeanq

    Interactive interesting English teaching courses
    bring endless exploring pleasures

    Creative and interactive English teaching courses, including 26 interesting and useful English themes, 182 interesting courses, more than 50 elaborately cartoon books…Meanwhile, cooperate with high quality educational platform like Donut English (authoritative children education brand of New Oriental), in order to make children immersive and experience the enjoyment of learning and exploring.

  • puddingbeanq

    Learning, practicing, playing, listening, developing
    Listening, speaking, reading and writing all involved

    Five sections of learning, practicing, playing, listening, developing are all linked with one another. Lively acted by Pudding BeanQ to motivate the learning passion of children. Extended knowledge such as science, literature, history and geography greatly satisfy the thirst for knowledge of children.

  • puddingbeanq

    Intelligent English Assistant
    No pressure of Chinese-English inter-translation any time anywhere

    Agreed with the largest speech recognition technology company in the world Nuance on strategic cooperation. Enter into “Chinese-English Translation” mode at any time. Easily understand and complete the translation fast and correctly. Create authentic language atmosphere. Enable the parents to learn with children together easily. Easy to remember.

  • puddingbeanq

    Actively remind review according to memory curve

    After each studying, Pudding BeanQ will actively remind and guide children to review last lesson and learn new content according to memory curve.

  • puddingbeanq

    Real-time understanding the learning progress and effect of children

    Pudding BeanQ will record the learning status of children automatically, create overall learning report and actively push it to app so that it is convenient for you to understand the learning progress and effect of children at any time. Even if you are not at home, you can watch the learning situation through video.

  • Interactive English
    Teaching Courses
  • Learning, practicing,
    playing, listening,
  • Intelligent English
  • Actively remind
  • Real-time
    the learning progress

Enlightenment education with multiple intelligences theory, new mom and dad raise children easier.

The “Multiple Intelligences Theory” proposed by cognition psychologist Gardner of Harvard University in 1980s is an education theory widely accepted and approved by modern society.By rich education and interest resources as well as various innovative models, Pudding BeanQ helps children to improve mental level in several fields such as mathematical logic, music and science.

  • puddingbeanq

    Linguistic Intelligence

    Chinese Enlightenment

    Chinese history, ancient poetry and idiom. More than 30,000 selected online education resources. Satisfy different requirements in the growth process of children in different ages by easy VOD.

  • puddingbeanq

    Logic Mathematics Intelligence

    Mathematics Enlightenment

    In happy game atmospheres, guide your children to form the idea of numbers, perceive the order and size of numbers and enjoy the pleasure of learning by interactive ways of novel and interesting pictures+ sounds.

  • puddingbeanq

    Music Rhythm Intelligence

    Rhythm Perception

    The simplest rhythm games bring the purest rhythm perception enlightenment. At the same time of making children understand the idea of basic musical elements (such as melody, rhythm, tone, pitch), it can practice the children’s body coordinate ability and reaction rate as well.

  • puddingbeanq

    Exploration and Observation Intelligence

    Encyclopedic Knowledge Q&A

    “Why is the sky blue?” “Why is there sky?” “What are others in sky?” Based on real-time updated cloud big data, the knowledgeable Pudding BeanQ can satisfy more curiousness of children, understand constant new ideas of children, perfectly answer the questions even parents cannot answer and protect the valuable exploring enthusiasm of children.

  • puddingbeanq

    Exploration and Observation Intelligence

    Interactive Stories

    Design interactive stories according to ages. Change traditional and passive listening to stories to” speaking, acting, singing” exploratory sense experience completed by Pudding BeanQ and children. Here children are creators and actors of the stories.

High-definition video call. Lots of parent-child functions
Accompany every growth moment of children

Cute pet expression and anthropomorphic characters
Fondle admiringly intimate “Little Robot Friend”

“Pudding” is a brand for professional children intelligent robot under ROOBO,
which focuses on discovering intelligent robots for different age groups
with the purpose of accompanying them through their growth.
The brand utilizes technology to transform love from within the heart into tangible products that convey the love.

  • Brand Concept

    “Pudding” represents an intelligent buddy, who brings happiness, unbound imagination and creative future to the kids. “Pudding” advocates the concept of “edutainment” through its intelligent robot for the children, so that they can experience the utmost joy during this exciting period of dream, discovery and exploration. At the same time, it also helps to develop the potential intelligence in the children and cultivate good habits and behaviors in them.

  • Brand Mission

    In the future, “Pudding” will still continue to roll out new products under the same family for the kids from different age group. The brand is dedicated to produce intelligent robots that are the most educational, fun and useful for all the children. With the happiness and wisdom brought about by “Pudding”, hopefully it will motivate the children to grow into better persons.